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Welcome to GeoghanART - Photography by Regina T. Geoghan

GeoghanART was created to share my fascination with the natural world, and our interaction with it, through my photographs. This portfolio of images includes my favorite topics such as New Jersey landscapes, flowers, gardens and parks. I hope that as you look at these images, you will experience some of the wonder that I do in a magical sunrise or sunset, the first blossoms of spring, or the rich tapestry of fall colors. Gifts of nature, such as these, warm my heart and nourish my soul. They renew my spirit and refresh my vision of life.

But there is also a special childlike joy, excitement and awe to be found in the events, celebrations and accomplishments of our world. Whether it be a spectacular fireworks display, a building lit in holiday lights, or the magical transformation of the New York Skyline at sunrise or sundown, these are special moments in time and place. The challenge of capturing these moments with my camera gives me great pleasure.

If just one of the photographs posted on this site makes you smile or brings pleasure to you in turn, then I will consider it a job well done. Photography is my path on a quest to uncover the creativity that resides in me, and I’m very grateful for the untold moments of fun and joy and learning that it provides.

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If you have a question about purchasing prints or downloads, please contact me at Also, I offer handmade notecards using 4x6 images affixed to heavy duty card stock as well as coffee table books created from images on this website.

Please note that it is the responsibility and liability of anyone who downloads an image for commerical use to confirm with the appropriate source that there are no copyright or trademark issues regarding the use of that image for commercial purposes. All images are posted with my copyright notice - if you wish to purchase a print or download an image without the copyright notice, please contact me. However all copyright protection will still be applicable.

Regina Geoghan